Build your website here for Mahala!

In 4 easy steps

1. Add contact information about you/your business
2. Select the pages you want
3. Choose a theme and a picture you like
4. Wait a few minutes for an e-mail with your website’s details

Your website will be created with the pages you activate here. You can type in some text if you like. This is not required, you can change your content anytime. But it maybe speed up your work.

Home Page Customisation

The first text line on your website
A short description of you and your services
The name for your home site in the site navigation (e.g. Home)
A additional text somewhere on your home page

Please choose your favorite theme

You can change the header image of the theme if you like

How it works.

You will receive an email with the access code for your new WordPress website within thirty minutes. Following this, you can test your website for 14 days. Once these two weeks have passed or even before then, you have three options:

  1. Simply buy the Mahala Web Hosting for your website and let us host it for you on our servers. There will be a charge of only R125 p/m for the hosting (yearly payments only @ R1500). You will get a new domain or your existing domain can easily be redirected.

  2. One-off purchase: You can buy the website for just R2500 and you can move it to your own web host. We will send you a ZIP file and short instructions to guide you through this process. Alternatively, we will be more than glad to take care of this for you. (A one-off fee of R2500 applies).

  3. Should you not be interested in our service, your website will be deleted by us after 21 days. There are no fees involved and you have no obligations whatsoever.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is the most widely-used CMS (Content Management System) for websites.

WordPress always moves with the times and it, therefore, ensures that the platform you use is secure. In addition to this, WordPress is a free software. What this means for you is complete independence because, after all, this website is yours. You can host it wherever you want.

WordPress is also a leader in add-ons. So, if you are looking to add additional features to your website, you have come to the right place, us and WordPress.

Along with our Plugin my-page.editor we give you a website toolbox system that lets you add texts, images, galleries etc. very easily.

We hope that, at this point, we have convinced you. If you are looking for a new website that is perfect for whatever comes your way but you do not want to spend tens of thousands of Rands, all you have to do is fill in the form. It takes thirty minutes to create your new website.